Steel Made Easy

Steel Made Easy is an endeavor of the authorities of the Shree Radhaballabh Steel Company, who believe that steel, which is one of the indispensable aspects of human lives is yet a chapter almost untouched. The personalities believe in making steel easily accessible to the common man, thus resulting in the one-stop portal.

Shree Radhaballabh Steel Company has been in the steel industry for over 12 years, starting their venture back in the year 2004. The team behind the establishment have an experience of 4 long decades, which reflect their integrity towards disseminating steel into everybody’s lives.

The portal will guide the clients to all the details necessary to know before buying a steel product. People can now easily get detailed view of their preferable steel products with a click. We assure best collaboration throughout the process of your relationship with steel.

We deal with the best brands across the globe. Therefore, we assure topmost quality branded products to our clients. We feel it to be important for every individual to know the nooks and corners of every deal before going for it and thus have made it easier for our clients. Our clients can access the daily news about steel happening across the territories. This we feel will keep them updated, helping them to make wise decisions while buying steel. This will also pose helpful for clients to relate and decide what and when to buy.Why go anywhere else when you can have it in one place?

Our advantages

Quality products

The best brands across the world have tied up with us to carry forward their business. You can be assured of the standards of our products, which are internationally acclaimed. At Steel Made Easy, you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Best Prices

Our market research team compares the steel price offered by different organisations and thereby present the best possible range of the products as per your budget and requirements. We also help you in comparing steel prices by yourself and make wise decisions before purchase.


The organisation boasts of a deep business acumen of far-sighted associates for over 40 years. Established in 2004, the SRB Steel Company has a strong base of 12 years in the industry, which calls for their best understanding of steel like no other.

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The men behind the vision

I’m just trying to bridge the supply with demand in the industry with knowledge, transparency and finally, ease!

Mr Amit Agarwal


The backbone of the company since 4 long decades, Mr. O. P. Agarwal’s acumen has always offered the best to its clients.

Mr O.P Agarwal

Chairman and Managing Director